The DrumCode Idea

What drummers deal with: Independence, Rudiments, Grooves&Styles, Doublebass-Patterns, Foot-Ostinati, Fill-Ins, Puls-Control&Timing, Sound…Musicians.

I needed a practice-system that allowed me to practice nearly anything that caught my interest. During my 4 years of studies with Billy Brooks in Switzerland I fell in love with the concept of the book „Syncopation“ by Ted Reed.

Combining different variables in every possible way shook my thinking as a drummer completely.

It was so obvious to do that, still it felt so new and the fact to combine patterns or technics that I thought to have managed in different ways made me a beginner again. But not for a long time. The system was so easy and once the logical side was managed there were no frontiers in sight.

Still, after my studies I experimented a lot with „Syncopation“ and integrated every idea of every learning-material I layed hands on.

But whatever I did, there were too many things that didn’t work out with the matrix and most important, it got too complicated for my students and me as well.

So I needed a new system. And voilà, here it is!

For nearly 10 years, I’ve practiced and taught with the DrumCode and testing has finally come to an end in 2014, leading to this online platform in early 2015.

It works hardcore, believe you me!
HandsUp Picture by Tom Schäfer