infografik_drumcode2Be warned! This side is not for entertainment.
You are here to become a better drummer. And as you have already guessed, the DrumCode will help you to achieve your goals but the only one who can do the work is you!!!

If you study with the DrumCode you sometimes might think, „easy exercise, I can do that already“, or, „no, I’ll never be able to play this“.
But never judge before you tried it, felt it and played it on your own!!!

20 Minutes of practising a day may do the trick and if your drumset isn’t available from time to time just use your hands, feet and voice.

The groove is in you. Let it out!


The flexible practice-system for drum students, master drummers, teachers and drum fanatics!

The single workshops don’t necessarily build up on each other and one workshop doesn’t need to be „finished“ before you can begin with a new one.

You practice your whole life!