Reading Book – The Rhythm Matrix

48 pages of easy visualized combinations guarantee you fulfilling drum- and rhythm-workouts!

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The Reading Book is essential for all DrumCode-Workshops as it provides the matrix of the whole system.

It contains black and white spots in groupings of 3 and 4:

Part I deals with groups of 4.

All possibilities of a group with 4 positions show you what challenge you in the following „Mix it up“-pages.


Part II deals with groups of 3.

All possibilities of a group with 3 positions lead you to the „Mix it up“-pages.

Part III offers you many additional footpatterns fitting to any workshop-concept.

A lot of the DrumCode-workshops leave one or even two feet „unemployed“. The

additional footpatterns give you enough work for years. It`s always a challenge worthy to explore!

Reading a page from top to bottom:

You should be able to play any page through, from top to bottom.

1. Play each line at least 4 times and then head on to the next (try not to stop when jumping to the next line).

2. „Reading deluxe“ – play from top to bottom without any repeats.

Video: The Reading Book

Create a loop:

1. Put two lines together and play them repeatedly in a loop.

2. Put four lines together and play them repeatedly in a loop.